12 September

5 benefits your business will gain from using a recruitment agency

Recruitment for any business can be a tricky, costly and time consuming and offers you little guarantee. Any business knows the value of bringing in the right person, regardless of the role and salary. Many, for that reason, use a professional recruitment agency to help attract and identify the perfect candidate as well negotiate terms and salary.

What benefits will you benefit from as a business be using a recruitment agency?

  1. Advertise and find suitable candidates

You could have the best role in the world but if its not been seen by the right people with desirable skills, then it is not only a waste of money, but very time consuming.

This is when you start to see the benefit of using a recruitment agency. Recruitment agencies will not just advertise the job and wait for the applications to pour in, they will actively look for the professional who fits the description. Recruitment agencies have direct contact with individuals, and having helped them find work before, trust them when approached over new job opportunities.

  • Talent identifier

Once you have created a job role and established what is needed from your new employee, recruitment agency will find a suitable person(s) for the position. Often many of the ideal candidates will not actively be looking for a new role, but due to an existing relationship with the recruiter they trust they will be open to looking at the opportunity.

One of the main benefits is their knowledge of the market and the requirements the candidate will need to possess to fulfil the role. This is also extended to knowing who NOT to hire.

  • Salary negotiation

You may know the job role you are looking to fill, but do you have any idea of what sort of salary that will require? The last thing you want is to get to the end of the recruiting process, having found your idea candidate, only to discover you are miles apart on the salary. Recruitment agencies will use their knowledge of the role, and other businesses in your industry to give you a benchmark of what salary will be expected. Recruitment agencies will negotiate on behalf of both parties to agree an acceptable job package.

  • Interview candidates

Filtering and interviewing candidates can be a time consuming and expensive exercise and having a recruitment agency means you can benefit from them filtering and conducting initial meetings. This often happens by the recruiter by providing a candidate screening, mostly over the phone, this begins to narrow down possible applicants. They will then learn more about the individuals left on the short list and will remove any unsuitable matches. The benefits do not stop, when it comes to the final round of interviews a recruitment agency will be able to offer you advice and guidance on interview questions to ask.

  • Industry insight

This one is often overlooked but often one of the most important to the success of your recruitment goals. A recruitment agency is designed for the exact thing you are looking for, they spend every day providing quality candidates to fill staffing needs. They work across a wide range of sectors and have significant expertise and insight into the job market. A recruitment consultant will understand what you need as an employer as well as the candidate expectations.


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