20 June

Asking for a pay rise? How to negotiate

This is a difficult time for all now, rising costs of living doesn’t just affect home life. Businesses have struggled over the last few years, thanks to Covid, and we continue to feel the squeeze. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be entitled to, or fear asking for, a pay rise. We will show you how to negotiate doing just that.

Negotiating a pay rise at work

To many, regardless of how many., perks businesses add to their employee benefits will always come second to the main factor, the salary. This doesn’t mean you’re just after the money, it’s how you feel your value is recognised in your workplace. And of course, you want your salary to reflect that worth.

How to negotiate a pay rise at work?

  1. Research. What is the average salary for your role? What do other companies pay for your skills? Would you be difficult to replace? You need to know these answers before going in. Everyone wants to be paid more, but our expectations must be based in reality.
  2. Last Review. How long has it been since your last pay review? It’s important that you know this information, as it is unlikely that your pay rise will be granted if you received a pay rise less than 12 months ago. Unless your role and responsibilities have changed dramatically since then?
  3. Ask for a meeting. Your manager will need to be prepared for the meeting and the topic it’s about. Make sure to send an email requesting the meeting and its purpose. No one will say yes to a raise if it’s sprung on them.
  4. Room to negotiate. If you have followed step 1 then you should already have some very good reasons for asking for a pay rise. But have a clear goal in your mind and focus on your achievements to sell yourself, not the underpaid part. Remember it’s a two-way conversation and so leave a little room for negotiation.
  5. Patience. Even with all the research and reasons to justify your raise you won’t always get what you want when you want. The manager may accept your being underpaid but unable to fulfil the request due to cash flow. You may agree a plan that puts targets in place that work towards your salary expectations.


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