13 January

Why Christmas is a good time for job hunting

Many job seekers put off their searches for a new career on hold over the Christmas period. There are a number of reasons for this happening with many wanting to spend time with family, busy with the holiday celebrations and many thinking employers are not looking for new staff at this time. However this is not true at all, companies are continuously looking for new talent and this is exactly why Christmas is a good time for job hunting.

Christmas is the perfect time to job hunt

Just a few reasons why you Christmas is the perfect time to job hunt:

  • A lot of people save their job hunting until the new year. Meaning you will not be competing with a huge number of applicants and could find yourself top of the pile for interviews start.
  • Hiring managers are easier to reach as they are beginning to wind down for the holiday period.
  • There tends be a lot more vacancies over the holiday period, meaning there are more job opportunities
  • Company recruitment budgets have to be used before the year end, and so many enhance their recruitment drive to ensure budgets are used.

If you thought Christmas meant no recruitment is being done, then think again. Christmas is just as good a time to change your career. We work with a number of recruiting Norfolk businesses that are still looking to fill positions before the holiday period. Make sure your CV is up to date and the best it can be.


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