23 November

How do you politely leave a job?

Is there a good way of leaving? How do you politely leave a job? The last thing you want to do is overthink the situation that subsequently get’s you all worked up. Norfolk there are 280,000 people employed on a full-time basis and 120,000 employed part time (stats provided by Norfolk Insight). Norfolk boasts a buoyant labour market with employment levels at 76.7%, which is above the National average. This means you’re not the only one evaluating your options and this will become more and more common as we float around in the current candidate led market.

How do you politely leave a job?

Post pandemic naturally witnessed an increase in job postings. That came at a time when employees felt far more comfortable in branching out. Employees are now focusing on their careers after a sustained period of uncertainty that may have seen them ‘hang around’ longer than anticipated. As a result, employers have become accustomed to both expanding and replacing staff as the employment merry go round continues.

Covid-19 has resulted in employers adapting and in essence making it more accessible to hire. No longer are we seeing people going through lengthy processes of putting together CVs, aptitude tests, and so on. Instead, we’re seeing candidates having a phone call or workshop (online) and are getting hired after a few conversations – in some instances people are coming away with a job on the same day as they applied. This is down to the pandemic forcing employers to adapt but also down to the fact that we’re living in a candidate led market in Norfolk and if employers operate at a leisurely pace, then they’ll ultimate loose out on their dream candidate.

You’ve hung around due to the pandemic/uncertain climate but now you’ve been headhunted, and you’ve accepted. So, how do you notify your boss?

Lead the conversation

Chances are that your employer will be oblivious to you wanting to leave so you’re going to have to lead the conversation. There’s no easy way of doing this but make sure you have your letter of resignation in hand and ensure you’ve practiced what you want to deliver just so that you don’t bumble your way through.

The Answer to “Where are you going?”

You don’t want to make this situation any more awkward than it must be. Be as honest as you can. You don’t need to go into detail about your new job (unless you’re looking for a counteroffer) or all the perks. If you’re going to a competitor, then be as honest as you can. You always have the “I haven’t signed my offer letter as of yet” to lean back on.

The Date of your last day

You’ll have a minimum notice period in your contract, this will be the period you’ve provided to your new employer. Be prepared for your current employer wanting you to extend that period if they’re busy. You’re completely within your rights to leave after the period in your contract so brace yourself for a stand off if they ask for longer. There’s also a chance that they may ask you to leave straight away.

Prepare a transition plan

In most cases, this will be the employers biggest fear. How do they operate at the same level post your departure? You can ease this scenario by providing a transition plan. This could include details of the clients you handle, packages and any other vital information for someone to seamlessly replace you. This will help ease the process for your Employer.

Remember why you’re leaving

There’s every chance your employer and colleagues will attempt to keep you, so you must remember why you’re leaving. Just because you’re leaving the employment doesn’t mean you’re leaving the friendships you’ve built. You must focus on why you decided to make the next move – a higher-level position, working in industry you care about, more money, less stress, commute and so on.

Norwich is witnessing an employment boom that’s likely to continue into 2022. So just remember you won’t be the only one with offers to consider.


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