07 October

Job interview tips that will help get you hired

Firstly, congratulations on getting the job interview. In our tips below you will see with a bit of preparation you will give yourself the best chance of turning that interview into a job offer.

Practice makes perfect

This is not an exam, but it still needs your time and effort to succeed. Setting aside time in the days leading up to your interview will get the best results.

Research the company, try and get a better understanding of the job role within the company and how you and your experience makes for a perfect fit.

Read the job description, again. Look at the requirements and make notes on how your experience is exactly what the employer is looking for.

Practice your answers to questions you think you will get. Ask a friend or family member to run through some questions and answers. The more you say it, the more confidence you will be when it comes to match day (interview day).

Try to make a connection with the interviewer

You have already shown you have an interest in the company, if not, then you need to go back to point 1 above and re-read.

Now it is time to develop that connection with the interviewer. Remember their name and use it. Maintain eye contact and stay engaged in the interview. Listen carefully during introductions. Remember people buy into people, not what is on your CV. You will have far more chance of being considered if you are liked as opposed to just having the skills the company require.

First impressions are important

While it is true that company policies on dress code, hair, and body art has changed dramatically over the last decade it is still important that you think of how your present yourself. You can ask your recruiter before the interview on dress code and then choose your outfit to fit. If you don’t have the luxury of being able to ask anyone, try and do your research online.

Remember the little things are important, no one wants to shake hands with a dirty hand, so make sure your nails are clean and tidy, check your clothes for anything that may appear dirty. Brush your teeth, and if your smoker, bring gum.

Be on time, this is one of the biggest complaint’s interviewers will have with a candidate. Arriving early shows you care about the opportunity. If you are relying on public transport, make sure you have a back up plan for delays, and for worst case scenarios make sure you have the name and number so you can communicate with them well in advance of any issues.

Do not come empty handed

Bring a few more CV’s. You may be speaking to someone who has not read or fully read your CV.

Bring with you a small notepad and pen to make notes during the interview. Write relevant information down and use these for any follow up questions you may have for the interviewer.

Sit up, and remember your manners

What you did not say can be just as important as what you did, and this is the same for any non-verbal communication.

Before the interview, take a deep breathe and exhale slowly. Remember they asked you to come for this interview, this is not meant to be an interrogation – although it may feel it sometimes.

Use confident body language, smile frequently, try to make eye contact while you’re speaking.

Treat people with respect, and they will you. This might sound obvious but when we are nervous or under pressure, we often forget to show our human side. Treating everyone you meet before, during and after the interview will go along way. – if you get the job people remember you were the nice confident person who said “hello”.

Get the handshake right. Whether you offered your hand out first or the interviewer did, make sure it’s a firm, not crushing, hand shake.


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