14 October

The post covid-19 recruitment industry continues rapid growth

Over the last 18 months we have all felt the uncertainty from businesses and candidates alike. However, as lockdown restrictions are lifted and we begin to see the resemblance of what we call normal. Businesses eager to move forward with their recruitment plans. And candidates, who had either been on furlough or felt stuck in their current job now have a big opportunity to find their dream career.

Recruitment industry growth

Although the recruitment landscape has changed in the last 18 months and recruiters have needed to adapt in order to secure top talent, and survive, we are continually seeing recruitment growth. With this in mind, let us explore just how big this boom is in the simplest way possible, numbers.

Recruitment Industry Growth

CV Library, one of the UK’s largest employment platforms, released there quarterly update and the numbers speak for themselves.

A total of 10.2 million unique visitors submitted a whopping 4.5 million job applications over a 3 month period alone. With just under 750,000 new CV’s registrations uploaded to the site. Lets break those numbers down even further. Of the 4.5 million job applications, 459,000 were for administration roles, 285,000 for IT, 190,000 in customer service and over 150,000 in sales.

Here in Norfolk, ROAR Recruitment has experienced this boom of activity first hand as Director Ben Burcham explains:

“I speak on behalf of all recruiters when I say we can now relate to how it must feel to be Lewis Hamilton or Usain Bolt! In terms of recruitment, the past quarter has flown by with the team at ROAR having to adapt their use of time far more effectively. It’s certainly been fast paced and this has been in part down to Brexit and the conclusion of furlough. In Norfolk alone we’ve witnessed record breaking job postings and applications during the last 3 months. This has been backed up by CV Library’s quarterly update that showed a staggering 25 million people visited the site. 4.5 million job applications had been submitted during the last quarter alone. There’s certainly a boom in the recruitment sector right now and there’s no better time for candidates to asses their options”.

Ben Burcham, Director at ROAR Recruitment

Industry predictions are for this trend to continue well into 2022. If you are business thinking of hiring, now is the time to do so. If your candidate looking for you next step in the career ladder, now is the time update that CV.


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